Our goal is to help our clients find the name they are looking for, and we’re pretty damned good at it.

Under the direction of our founder and president, Sam Birger, Nomenon and its cohort of word nerds has successfully engaged hundreds of clients in most every market sector, from tech to financial to consumer packaged goods to television shows to food & beverage items. There’s an excellent chance we have experience in your field, and you probably recognize some of our work.
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Everyone in our shop is proudly language focused: we love to play with words, and this enthusiasm shows in our work. Our unique and profoundly accurate approach is based on a strong overlay of science added to the creative elements: Sam had done his doctoral work in linguistics at Harvard University, where he was lecturing in the field prior to founding the company.
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A deeper understanding of the way language works, combined with a robust and finely tuned methodology and an outstanding team of people who ‘do their crossword puzzles in ink’ yield an implementation rate we’re pleased to boast about: in more than nine out of ten cases, our clients will use a name that we have developed for them.

And insofar as Adam’s first task was the naming of the beasts, we like to think of ourselves as being part of the
very oldest profession.